The code_Carmel calculation code ("Code Avancé de Recherche en Modélisation Electromagnétique" – advanced code for research in electromagnetic modelling) was initially developed by the Modelling team of the L2EP laboratory.

Since 1 January 2006, a joint laboratory, known as Lamel ("Laboratoire Avancé de Modélisation du Matériel Electrique" – advanced electrical equipment modelling laboratory), brings together the modelling team and the electromagnetism modelling team of EDF R&D. In this way, the code_Carmel is developed jointly by the two constituent parts of the LAMEL.

Currently, we have two versions:

  • The first deals with magnetoharmonic problems and is mainly devoted to non-destructive testing (NDT).
  • The second solves quasi-static electromagnetic problems and is used to model electrical machines.

The two versions of code_Carmel are based on the resolution of the vector and scalar potential formulations using the finite element method.

Principles of the time-based and multi-harmonic versions of code_Carmel

code_Carmel is a set of files encoded in the Fortran 90 language. The input and output files are in .unv or .med format, provided by the I-deas software or by the free Salome platform respectively.